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Alpers, Philip and Conor Twyford. 2003 ‘Import and Export Laws in Pacific States.’ Small Arms in the Pacific; Occasional Paper No. 8 (Table 4.4), p. 68. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 31 March

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Table 4.4: Import and Export Laws in Pacific States


Must have import licence, or leave in the possession of police until licence is obtained. Police to be advised of places and types of any importation within 3 days. Arms or ammunition sent through post must not be delivered until an import licence is produced.

Power to detain vessel suspected of illegal importation. Minister may define ports and places of import and export. Customs declaration must be made when importing arms or ammunition… Further imports of arms and ammunition into Kiribati prohibited since 1985.

Must have export licence. Minister may prescribe places and types of export. Arms and ammunition to be left with police on exit from country. Power to search any vehicle or vessel suspected of illegal exportation and to arrest anyone on it.

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