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Moldova. 1994 ‘Use of Firearms.’ Republic of Moldova - Weapons Law [Act as of 2003]; Section V (Article 37). Chisinau: Republic of Moldova Parliament. 18 May

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Use of Firearms

Persons having the permit to hold and carry the weapon may use the weapon as a last resort in the following cases:
a) For self-defence and for protection of persons from attack that poses a real threat to life and health, as well as for the prevention of seizure of firearms through the use of force.
b) In order to repel a group or armed attack on facilities and premises guarded, which belong to physical and legal persons;
c) In order to ward off breaking into residential and business facilities which threatens the life and health of persons present on these premises;
d) In order to arrest a person who offers armed resistance, or who was caught to perform a serious criminal offence and who attempts to leave the scene of the crime.

Owners, possessors, and users may also use firearms for raising alarm or calling for help, as well as for rendering harmless the animal which threatens the life and health of persons.

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