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Moldova. 1994 ‘Ministry of the Interior Competence.’ Republic of Moldova - Weapons Law [Act as of 2003]; Section III (Article 17). Chisinau: Republic of Moldova Parliament. 18 May

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Ministry of the Interior Competence

The scope of competence of the Ministry of the Interior shall include:
a) Preparing uniform regulations for weapons control, submittal to the government of the proposals for improvement of positive law regulations and normative acts regulating the method of production, acquisition, holding, carrying, and use of weapons by physical and legal persons;
b) Ensuring the control of production, acquisition, holding, carrying, transport and use of weapons owned by physical and legal persons, as well as of the weapons whose ownership and use has been granted to legal persons;
c) Ensuring control of the import of weapons to the territory of the Republic and the export of weapon abroad;
d) Issuing licenses for performing private detective activities and security related activities;
e) Issuing permits for the acquisition of weapons abroad for the purposes of selling them to physical and legal persons, and the import of weapons to the territory of the Republic;
f) Issuing licenses for opening specialized stores for the sale of individual weapons, specialized workshops for weapons repair and production of certain types of weapons and parts thereof, as well as for sporting/hunting cartridges for smooth bore barrel firearms, for the right to acquire hunting and other weapons with rifled barrels as well as sporting, collection and training weapons.;

[Item. f) was amended by the law No. 563-XV of 19/10/2001)

g) Registration of rifled barrel weapons privately owned by physical persons;
h) Performing other functions within the scope of its competence or delegating part of its functions to local police authorities.

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