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Romania. 1996 ‘Article 64.’ Law on Firearms and Ammunition Regime, No.17 of 1996; Chapter 4. Bucharest: Parliament of Romania. 2 April

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Article 64

The physical persons who acquired hunting weapons, shooting weapons, arms for the dispersion of harmful, irritant or neutralising gases, as well as trophy arms and ammunition abroad without having obtained the permit from the competent police authority, are obligated to present themselves before the police authorities within 10 days of the arrival into the country, for the purposes of applying for the licence to hold weapons.

Until the licence is obtained, the arms and ammunition shall be retained at the checkpoint upon the crossing of the state border.

In the case of licensing the physical persons who acquired the arms and ammunition abroad, the competent authority shall issue a proof to be used for taking over the arms retained by the customs authorities at the checkpoint on the border crossing where they left the country. If the police authorities do not issue the proof (certificate), the arms and ammunition retained by the customs authorities at the checkpoint upon the border crossing, may be returned to the persons from whom they have been purchased, within 90 days from the day the arms and ammunition were retained.

In the cases in which the arms and ammunition retained at the checkpoint upon the crossing of the state border have not been taken over by the persons they were retained from, within the time period referred to in paragraph 4, the police authorities shall seize the same and deposit them with specialised units to be sold at the price determined by the owner, and the proceeds from the sale shall be handed over by the seller to the owner from whom the said arms ammunition were seized.

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