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Bahamas. 1969 ‘Penalty for Manufacturing or Dealing in Firearms Without Being Registered.’ Firearms Act, Chapter 213, 1969; Part V (Section 22). Nassau: Government of the Bahamas. 17 July

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Penalty for Manufacturing or Dealing in Firearms Without Being Registered

22. (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, no person shall, by way of trade or business -

(a) manufacture, sell, transfer, repair, test or prove; or

(b) expose for sale or transfer, or have in his possession for sale, transfer, repair, test or proof any firearm (other than a revolver) or ammunition unless he is registered as a firearms dealer:
Provided that it shall be lawful for an auctioneer to sell by auction, expose for sale by auction and have in his possession for sale by auction any such firearm or ammunition without being registered as aforesaid, if he has obtained from the Commissioner a permit for that purpose in the prescribed form and he complies with the terms of the permit.

(2) If any person contravenes the provisions of this section or makes any statement which he knows to be false for the purpose of procuring, whether for himself or any other person, the grant of a permit under this section, he shall for each offence be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for three months or to a fine of one hundred and fifty dollars or to both such imprisonment and fine.

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