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Macedonia. 2003 ‘General Provisions.’ The Law on Voluntary Handing Over and Collection of Firearms, Ammunition and Explosive Material and the Legalization of Arms; Section I (Articles 1, 3). Skopje: Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. 4 June

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General Provisions

Article 1

This Law shall prescribe the voluntary handing over of firearms, ammunitions and explosive material (hereinafter: the arms) unlawfully possessed and kept in the Republic of Macedonia, collection, storage and destruction of the arms handed over, as well as legalization of the arms unlawfully possessed by the citizens and for which it is possible to issue a license in accordance with this Law.

Article 3

The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, the persons lawfully residing in the Republic of Macedonia or the persons who have families or property in the Republic of Macedonia (hereinafter: the persons) and who, unlawfully, keep the arms whose purchase, possession and carrying is forbidden in accordance with the Law on Purchase, Possession and Carrying of Arms, as well as the persons possessing the arms for which they have received permits to purchase and possess, in accordance with the Law on the Purchase, Possession and Carrying of Arms, are hereby publicly invited to hand over their arms voluntarily.

At the time of handing over the arms from Paragraph 1 of this Article, identification and recording of the persons voluntarily handing over the arms shall not be made.

Criminal and other charges against the persons acting in accordance with Paragraph 1 of this article shall not be leveled.

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