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Macedonia. 2005 ‘Article 7.’ Draft Law on Weapons; Section II (Article 7). Skopje: Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. 8 February

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Article 7

Weapon from category B and C can be purchased upon permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in accordance with his living address, or residence of the foreigner in Republic of Macedonia, i.e. according to the seat of the legal subject, submitter of the request (hereinafter: body in charge).

Parts of weapons, ammunition with peeled barrels and equipment for hunting and sport weapons (optical or sniper magnifier) can be purchased upon permission according to the type of the weapon for which weapon permission is issued.

Permission for purchasing weapon, parts of weapons and ammunition from paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article are valid six months from the day of issuing the permission.

Ammunition for weapon can be purchased upon issued permission for that weapon.

Ammunition for weapons with peeled barrel can be possessed no more than 50 bullets, while for hunting weapon with peeled barrel, no more than 100 bullets.

Ammunition for weapons with unpeeled barrels and air weapons can be possessed with no limitation of the amount of the ammunition.

[According to the Republic of Macedonia's 2009 Report on the Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons, these draft provisions were adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on 8 February 2005. The Law was amended three times in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and published in the Official Gazette RM 47/2006, 42/2007, and 86/2008]

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