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Tanzania. 2001 ‘Travellers May Introduce Arms on Certain Conditions.’ The Arms and Ammunition Act, Chapter 223, No.19 of 2007; Part III (Section 11). Dar es Salaam: Ministry of Home Affairs. 4 May

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Travellers May Introduce Arms on Certain Conditions

11.-(1) Notwithstanding the preceding provisions regarding the importation of arms and ammunition, and subject to subsection (2), travellers may introduce arms and ammunition, but not armaments, by land or inland water or by air, except that the travellers –
(a) shall be subjects of the High Contracting Parties to the Convention;
(b) are authorised to carry such arms and ammunition by the Government of the country of which they are subjects in accordance with the terms of the Convention;
(c) shall carry documents of authorisation specially confirmed by the declaration of an official of such Government duly authorised in that behalf;
(d) shall immediately report to the nearest Government officer on the frontier, or if there be none at the actual frontier, then at the nearest station on or close to the route followed by the travellers;
(e) shall inform the Government officer of the exact quantity of arms and ammunition carried and produce the same for inspection if required.

(2) A traveller may not introduce arms or ammunition into Tanzania Zanzibar under the provisions of this section except with and in accordance with the terms of an express authorisation for that purpose given by or with the consent of the Arms Authority in Tanzania Zanzibar, or the written instruction of the Minister given in that behalf in relation to any particular traveller or category of travellers.

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