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Maning, Jo. 2010 ‘Total number of registered civilian firearms in Australia.’ Collated National Figures - Personal correspondence from the Assistant Director. Canberra: Drugs and Firearms Section, Border Management and Crime Prevention Branch, Criminal Justice Division, Australian Federal Attorney-General's Department. 28 October

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Total number of registered civilian firearms in Australia: 2,675,785

Total number of civilian [firearm] licences in Australia (note: a licence may cover more than one category of firearm/purpose and an individual may hold more than one licence): 873,625

[T]he variation in types of licence categories from jurisdiction to jurisdiction made it impossible to collate national figures for 'licences by category' in a meaningful way.

Similarly, we were also unable to collate national figures for 'registered firearms by licensing category'. I suggest this information would be better presented in a State/Territory breakdown…

ID: Q3057

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