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Western Australia. 1974 ‘Certain Licences, Permits and Approvals Not to be Issued, Granted or Given.’ Firearms Regulations 1974 (Version 07-d0-01, as at 22 July 2015); Section 26B. Perth: State Law Publisher. 1 July

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26B. Certain licences, permits and approvals not to be issued, granted or given

(1) In this regulation -
revolving rifle means a rifle the ammunition for which is loaded into and fired from a revolving cylinder or revolving chamber.

(2) A licence, permit or approval relating to a firearm cannot be issued, granted or given if -
(a) in the opinion of the Commissioner, the firearm closely resembles a firearm that is prohibited under regulation 26; or
(b) in the opinion of the Commissioner, the firearm is designed to be, or capable of being, readily adapted for use as a handgun; or
(c) the firearm is specified in the Table to subregulation (4); or
(d) subject to subregulation (3), the firearm is a revolving rifle.

(3) Subregulation (2)(d) does not prevent a licence, permit or approval being issued, granted or given for a revolving rifle if -
(a) the revolving rifle is a single action revolving rifle; and
(b) in the opinion of the Commissioner, the revolving rifle has significant commemorative, historical, thematic or heirloom value.

(4) The following firearms are specified for the purpose of subregulation (2)(c) -


Calibre - Description of firearm

.22 calibre - Armi Jager model AP 15 semi automatic rifle

.22 calibre - Armi Jager model AP 75 semi automatic rifle

.22 calibre - Josef G: Landmann Preetz model JGL - Automat 65 semi automatic rifle

.22 calibre - Squibman Model 16 semi automatic rifle

.223 calibre - Remington make, 7615P model, pump action rifle

.223 calibre - Vektor make, H 5 model, pump action rifle

7.62 mm calibre - Cugir pump action (Romanian make) rifle designed for ammunition with a case length of 39 mm

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1973]

ID: Q3053

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