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New Zealand. 2008 ‘Delegation of Powers by Commissioner.’ Arms Act 1983 No. 44; Section 72 (Reprint 2008). Wellington: Parliamentary Counsel Office. 1 October

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72 Delegation of powers by Commissioner

(1) The Commissioner may from time to time, by writing under his hand, either generally or particularly, delegate to such member or members of the Police of a level of position not less than inspector, as he thinks fit, all or any of his powers under this Act.

(2) Every person purporting to act pursuant to any delegation under this section shall be presumed to be acting in accordance with the terms of the delegation, in the absence of proof to the contrary.

(3) Subject to subsection (1), any delegation under this section may be made to a specified member of the Police or to members of the Police of a specified level of position or class, or may be made to the holder or holders for the time being of a
specified office or class of offices.

(4) Every delegation under this section shall be revocable at will, and no such delegation shall prevent the exercise of any power by the Commissioner.

(5) Any such delegation shall, until revoked, continue in force according to its tenor, notwithstanding the fact that the Commissioner by whom it was made may have ceased to hold office, and shall continue to have effect as if made by the successor in office of the Commissioner.

(6) The revocation of any such delegation shall not affect in any way anything done under the delegated authority.

[According to Section 2 of this Act, 'Commissioner' means the Commissioner of Police]

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