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South Australia. 2008 ‘Prescribed Firearms.’ Firearms Regulations 2008 (Version: 1.7.2015); Section 4 (Part 1). Adelaide: Parliament of South Australia. 1 September

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4. Prescribed firearms

(1) For the purposes of the definition of prescribed firearm in section 5(1) of the Act, the following firearms are prescribed:
(a) automatic firearms;
(b) mortars, bazookas, rocket propelled grenades and similar military firearms designed to fire explosive projectiles;
(c) firearms having 1 or more barrels of less than 330 millimetres in length (but not handguns, air rifles, air guns or power heads);
(d) shotguns having 1 or more barrels of less than 450 millimetres in length;
(e) air rifles and air guns having 1 or more barrels of less than 250 millimetres in length;
(f) firearms having an overall length of less than 750 millimetres (but not handguns or power heads);
(g) firearms (but not handguns) designed to be reduced in overall length by folding, telescoping or any other means to a length of less than 750 millimetres and then to be capable of being fired;
(h) firearms designed to fire projectiles containing tear gas or any other lachrymatory substance or any nauseating substance or poison (but not firearms designed to tranquillise, immobilise or administer vaccines or other medicines to animals);
(i) firearms designed as, and having the appearance of, other objects;
(j) home-made firearms;
(ja) regulated imitation firearms that closely resemble a firearm referred to in a preceding paragraph or that do not closely resemble such a firearm or a firearm of class A, B, C, D or H;
(k) receivers of firearms referred to in a preceding paragraph.

(2) When determining the overall length of a paint-ball firearm for the purposes of subregulation (1)(f) the gas cylinder and the hose connecting the cylinder to the firearm (if any) will be included.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1977]

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