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Western Australia. 1974 ‘Register.’ Firearms Regulations 1974 (Version 07-d0-01, as at 22 July 2015); Section 21. Perth: State Law Publisher. 1 July

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21. Register (Act s. 31(1))

(1) For the purposes of section 31(1) of the Act, the Commissioner must compile and maintain a register, in such form as the Commissioner decides, of the following information in respect of each application for a licence, permit or approval under the Act —
(a) the date of the application;
(b) the applicant's name, address and date of birth;
(c) the licence, permit or approval applied for;
(d) as to any firearm the subject of the application -
(i) its type, calibre, action type and loading method;
(ii) the name of its manufacturer and its serial number or numbers;
(iii) the number, length and configuration of its barrels;
(iv) the type of ammunition it fires;
(v) the size of any magazine it has;
(vi) its category;
(e) whether the application was refused or approved;
(f) if the application is refused -
(i) the date it was refused;
(ii) the reasons for the refusal;
(g) if the application is approved -
(i) the number, the date of issue, and the date of expiry, of the licence, permit or approval concerned;
(ii) any restriction, limitation or condition to which the licence, permit or approval concerned is subject;
(h) any unique identifying number given to the firearm by the Commissioner.

(2) Subregulation (1) does not limit the information the Commissioner may keep in the register.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1973]

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