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Northern Territory. 1997 ‘Transporting Firearms.’ Firearms Regulations 1997 (Reprint, as in force at 1 May 2016); Section 32 (Part 4). Darwin: Northern Territory Government. 13 March

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32. Transporting firearms

(1) For the purposes of section 66 of the Act, a prohibited firearm or a category A, B, C, D or H firearm may be conveyed:
(a) by registered post;
(b) by a commercial freight carrier or a common carrier; or
(c) in the possession of:
(i) the owner of the firearm; or
(ii) a person who is licensed to be in possession of the firearm and who has the owner's permission to be in possession of the firearm.

(2) Where:
(a) a firearm is being conveyed in a motor vehicle; and
(b) the motor vehicle is left unattended at a place away from where the firearm is normally stored or secured,
(c) the firearm is to be placed in the boot, the cargo carrying area or some other lockable compartment of the vehicle or is to be secured by means of a firearm securing device;
(d) the firearm is to be completely hidden from open view;
(e) ammunition for the firearm is to be placed in a lockable compartment of the vehicle (other than the compartment in which the firearm is placed) or in a locked container secured in or on the vehicle; and
(f) the person in charge of the vehicle must take all reasonable steps to ensure that, while the vehicle remains unattended, the firearm:
(i) is kept safely in the vehicle;
(ii) is not stolen or removed from the vehicle; and
(iii) does not come into the possession of a person who is not licensed to be in possession of the firearm.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1997]

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