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Northern Territory. 1997 ‘Register.’ Firearms Act 1997 (Reprint, as in force at 1 May 2016); Section 7. Darwin: Northern Territory Government. 13 March

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7. Register

(1) The Commissioner is to cause to be kept a register containing a record of those particulars that the Commissioner determines of:
(a) all registered firearms; and
(b) all licences and permits.

(2) The register may be kept:
(a) in a form or combination of forms; and
(b) on a medium or combination of mediums; and
(c) in a manner,
that the Commissioner thinks fit and, for paragraph (b), a medium includes but is not limited to any of the following:
(d) a computer;
(e) micro film;
(f) paper.

(3) The register is to be maintained in a form that:
(a) enables it to be linked to CrimTrac; and
(b) enables a firearm authority of a State or another Territory to have access to information in the register.

(4) A document certified by the Commissioner to be an extract from, or copy of, an entry in the register must be received in all courts and on all occasions as evidence and is taken to be sufficient proof of the particulars contained in that entry without requiring the production of the register from which the extract or copy was taken.

(5) In this section:

"CrimTrac" means the CrimTrac Agency established under section 65 of the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth).

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