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Western Australia. 1973 ‘Delegation of Commissioner's Power to Give Licences, Permits and Approvals.’ Firearms Act 1973 (Version 05-00-00, reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 13 February 2015); Section 4. Perth: State Law Publisher. 18 October

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5A. Delegation of Commissioner's power to give licences, permits and approvals

(1) The regulations may permit prescribed members of the Police Force to perform the Commissioner's functions upon an application being made for the grant of an approval or permit or the issue of a licence under this Act in respect of a firearm or ammunition.

(2) Sections 58 and 59(1)(a) and (f), (2), and (3) of the Interpretation Act 1984 apply as if a function that a member of the Police Force may perform under subsection (1) had been delegated to the person by the Commissioner.

(3) The Commissioner may, by a signed instrument of delegation, delegate to a member of the Police Force, either generally or as otherwise provided in the instrument, any power or duty under this Act, other than —
(a) a function the performance of which is permitted by regulations under subsection (1); and
(b) this power of delegation.

[Commissioner means the Commissioner of Police]

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