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Queensland. 1996 ‘Firearms to be Kept Unloaded Other Than When Being Used to Shoot.’ Weapons Regulation 1996 (As in force on 1 July 2015); Section 59 (Part 9). Brisbane: Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. 19 December

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59. Firearms to be kept unloaded other than when being used to shoot

(1) A person who has a firearm under his or her control (whether or not another has custody of it) must ensure the firearm is unloaded, other than when it is being used to shoot.

Example of what is, or is not, using a weapon to shoot —

To go hunting, X travels with 2 rifles in a car for a short distance. X does not hunt from the moving vehicle. Before and during the travel, X is not using the rifles to shoot.

At the hunt site, X loads the rifles at the start of the hunt. X hunts with 1 rifle in hand and the other in reserve. X takes an afternoon tea break from the hunt and then continues to hunt until dark. No prey is spotted, so no shots are fired.

Both rifles were being used to shoot when they were being loaded and afterwards until dark (other than during the afternoon tea break).

Maximum penalty - 10 penalty units.

(2) This section does not apply —
(a) if the person has control of the weapon under a security licence (guard); or
(b) while a weapon is loaded for the purpose of repairing it; or
(c) to a person doing an approved course of instruction under the supervision of a person holding a firearms licence (instructor).

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Weapons Act 1990]

ID: Q2735

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