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Queensland. 1996 ‘Category H Weapons - Club Letter Certifying Need for Weapon.’ Weapons Regulation 1996 (As in force on 1 July 2015); Section 57A (Part 8). Brisbane: Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. 19 December

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57A. Category H weapons - club letter certifying need for weapon

(1) This section applies to an applicant for a permit to acquire a category H weapon who relies, for the application, on a need to possess the weapon for sports or target shooting.

(2) The applicant must lodge a letter with the application containing the following information —
(a) the applicant's name and address;
(b) the type of weapon for which the applicant is seeking a permit to acquire;
(c) the number and expiry date of the licence relied on to acquire the weapon;
(d) the name, and approved shooting club number, of the approved shooting club of which the applicant is a member;
(e) a certificate that the applicant —
(i) is a current member of the club; and
(ii) needs to use the weapon to engage in shooting activities as a member of the club, or in shooting activities of an approved shooting club affiliated with the club.

(3) The letter must be signed by the applicant, and the certificate must —
(a) be signed for the club by a member of the governing body of the certifying club; and
(b) state that fact.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Weapons Act 1990]

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