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Queensland. 1990 ‘Limitation on Number of Concealable Firearms Particular Licensees May Acquire.’ Weapons Act 1990 (As in force on 20 November 2015); Section 131 (Part 5). Brisbane: Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. 19 September

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131. Limitation on number of concealable firearms particular licensees may acquire

(1) An individual licensee must not, during the first year after the individual is first issued with a concealable firearms licence, acquire for sports or target shooting under that licence more than —
(a) 1 air pistol; and
(b) 1 of the following —
(i) a rim-fire pistol;
(ii) a centre-fire pistol;
(iii) a black-powder pistol.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to —
(a) a person who —
(i) holds a licence or other authority under a law of another State that corresponds with this Act authorising the applicant to possess a category H
weapon for sports or target shooting (relevant authority); and
(ii) has held the relevant authority for at least 12 months; and
(iii) has, in the other State, participated in not less than the number of handgun shooting competitions for the weapon necessary to comply with the law of
the other State; or
(b) a person who —
(i) was permitted or authorised under the law of another country to possess a category H weapon for sports or target shooting; and
(ii) has, within the 2 year period immediately before the application is made, consistently participated at a national or international level in internationally recognised shooting competitions for a category H weapon.

Examples of internationally recognised shooting competitions —
- shooting competitions in the Olympic Games
- shooting competitions in the Commonwealth Games
- metallic silhouette world championship

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