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Queensland. 1990 ‘Acquisition of Weapons.’ Weapons Act 1990 (As in force on 20 November 2015); Section 35 (Part 3). Brisbane: Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. 19 September

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35. Acquisition of weapons

(1) A person may acquire a weapon only if —
(a) the person is a licensed dealer; or
(b) the person is the holder of a permit to acquire the weapon and acquires the weapon —
(i) from or through a licensed dealer; or
(ii) through a police officer in circumstances prescribed under a regulation; or
(c) the person acquires the weapon under other lawful authority, justification or excuse.

Maximum penalty —
(a) for a category D, H or R weapon - 100 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment; and
(b) for a category C or E weapon - 60 penalty units or 1 year's imprisonment; and
(c) for a category A, B or M weapon - 20 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment…

(2) If the weapon is acquired from a licensed dealer or the acquisition happens through a licensed dealer or police officer —
(a) the acquirer must give the dealer or police officer a copy of the permit to acquire; and
(b) the dealer must give to an authorised officer the copy of the permit to acquire and the information prescribed under a regulation within the time and in the way prescribed under the regulation.

Maximum penalty - 20 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment….

(6) This section does not apply to the acquisition of a weapon, if the acquisition consists only of a person taking possession of the weapon —
(a) to repair it; or
(b) to store it, if the person is an armourer storing it for someone else; or
(c) on a temporary basis for not more than 3 months without giving consideration for the acquisition or for the weapon; or
(d) in performing duties as a security guard under a security licence (guard); or
(e) under section 52, 53, 54(2), 55 or 55A.13

(7) In this section —
acquire, a weapon, means purchase, accept or receive or otherwise take possession of the weapon.

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