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New South Wales. 2006 ‘Non-commercial Transportation of Prohibited Firearms and Pistols - Prescribed Safety Requirements.’ Firearms Regulation 2006 (2006-512, as at 1 January 2014); Section 126. Sydney: New South Wales Government. 1 September

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126. Non-commercial transportation of prohibited firearms and pistols —prescribed safety requirements

(1) For the purposes of section 57 of the Act, the following safety requirements are prescribed:
(a) the firearm must not be loaded with any ammunition while it is being conveyed, and it must be kept separate from any ammunition,
(b) while the firearm is being conveyed:
(i) it must be rendered temporarily incapable of being fired (eg by removing the bolt or the firing mechanism or by using a restraining device such as a trigger lock), or
(ii) it must be kept in a locked container that is properly secured to, or is within, the vehicle being used for transporting the firearm.

(2) This clause does not apply to the following persons if, during the course of conveyance, there is a reasonable likelihood that the firearm will be required for the purpose of killing vermin or stock:
(a) a primary producer,
(b) an employee of a primary producer,
(c) a member of staff of the Department of Primary Industries, the Department of Environment and Conservation, Local Land Services or the Wild Dog Destruction Board.

['The Act' means the Firearms Act 1996]

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