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New South Wales. 2006 ‘Firearms Collections.’ Firearms Regulation 2006 (2006-512, as at 1 January 2014); Section 34. Sydney: New South Wales Government. 1 September

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34. Firearms collections

(7) For the purposes of section 20 (e) of the Act, the following standards are prescribed for the storage of firearms in a firearms collection:
(a) any ammunition for any firearm (whether or not forming part of the collection) must not be kept in the area or room in which the firearms are stored, unless the ammunition is stored in a separate locked container,
(b) the area or room in which the firearms are stored must be part of a permanent building with secure locks on all entrances,
(c) the area or room must have solid walls that provide a substantial barrier to forced entry,
(d) any window in the area or room must be covered by a security screen,
(e) doors leading into the area or room must be made of solid material or be reinforced by steel,
(f) each such door must be fitted with a "dead latch" type lock, or be fitted with a hasp/barrel bolt and padlock,
(g) door hinges must be concealed or the hinge pins must be welded to prevent them from being punched out,
(h) if the firearms are to be displayed outside of their locked containers at any time, the licence holder must be physically present in the area or room at that time.

(8) The standards set out in subclause (7) are in addition to the requirements of Part 4 of the Act.

['The Act' means the Firearms Act 1996]

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