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Australian Capital Territory. 1996 ‘Offence - Inspection of Records.’ Australian Capital Territory Firearms Act 1996 (A1996-74 - Republication No.45, effective 27 April 2016); Part 13 (Section 196). Canberra: ACT Parliamentary Counsel. 1 January

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196 Offence - inspection of records

(1) A licensed firearms dealer commits an offence if the dealer —
(a) is required to keep a record, or ensure a record is kept, under this division; and
(b) fails to do 1 or more of the following when asked by a police officer:
(i) show the record to the officer and allow the officer to inspect and make copies of any entry in it;
(ii) show the officer the firearms and firearm parts in the dealer's possession;
(iii) give the officer any information in the dealer's possession about a firearm or firearm part that, under the authority of the dealer's licence —
(A) is in the dealer's possession; or
(B) has been manufactured or repaired; or
(C) has been acquired; or
(D) has been disposed of.

Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

(2) An offence against this section is a strict liability offence.

ID: Q2568

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