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Australian Capital Territory. 1996 ‘Offence - Storage Requirements for Category A, Category B and Paintball Marker Licences.’ Australian Capital Territory Firearms Act 1996 (A1996-74 - Republication No.45, effective 27 April 2016); Part 12 (Section 181). Canberra: ACT Parliamentary Counsel. 1 January

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181 Offence - storage requirements for category A, category B and paintball marker licences

(1) The holder of a category A, category B or paintball marker licence must comply with the following requirements in relation to each registered firearm held under the licence:
(a) when the firearm is not being used or carried, it must be stored in a locked receptacle —
(i) of a type approved by the registrar; and
(ii) that is constructed of hard wood or steel so as not to be easily penetrable; and
(iii) if the receptacle weighs less than 150kg when empty - fixed in position to prevent its easy removal; and
(iv) secured by locks of solid metal of a type approved by the registrar;
(b) any ammunition for the firearm must be stored in a locked container of a type approved by the registrar and that is kept separate from the receptacle containing the firearm;
(c) the other requirements relating to security and safe storage that are prescribed.

Maximum penalty: imprisonment for 1 year.

(2) A licensee need not comply with the requirements of this section if the licensee satisfies the registrar that the licensee has provided alternative arrangements for the storage of firearms in the licensee's possession that are of a standard not less than the requirements set out in this section.

ID: Q2565

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