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New South Wales. 1996 ‘Prohibited Firearms.’ Firearms Act 1996 No 46 (Act Current to 24 November 2015); Schedule 1. Sydney: New South Wales Government. 28 June

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Prohibited Firearms

1. Any machine gun, sub-machine gun or other firearm capable of propelling projectiles in rapid succession during one pressure of the trigger.
2. Any self-loading rimfire rifle (including any such firearm described elsewhere in this Schedule).
3. Any self-loading centre-fire rifle (including any such firearm described elsewhere in this Schedule).
4. Any self-loading or pump action shotgun (including any such firearm described elsewhere in this Schedule).
5. Any self-loading centre-fire rifle of a kind that is designed or adapted for military purposes.
6. Any self-loading shotgun of a kind that is designed or adapted for military purposes.
7. Any firearm that substantially duplicates in appearance (regardless of calibre or manner of operation) a firearm referred to in item 1, 5 or 6.
8. A firearm, not being a pistol, of the Uberti or Armi-Jager brands, or any similar firearm fitted with a revolving ammunition cylinder (other than a firearm manufactured before 1920).
9. A shotgun fitted with or designed to be fitted with a drum magazine of the "Striker 12" assault shotgun type or any similar weapon.
10. Any firearm to which there is attached any article or device capable of muffling, reducing or stopping the noise created by firing the firearm.
11. A firearm, not being a pistol, fitted with a stock that is specially designed so as to be readily detachable, or to operate on a swivel, folding or telescopic basis.
12. A firearm made up in the form of a stylographic or propelling pen or pencil, capable of being used for the discharge of gas, bullets, shot, dye or pyrotechnic flares.
13. A firearm capable of discharging by any means:
(a) any irritant matter in liquid, powder, gas or chemical form, or
(b) any pyrotechnic flare or dye, or
(c) any article known as a "paint-ball".
14 A firearm that:
(a) substantially duplicates in appearance some other article (such as a walking stick, walking cane or key ring), and
(b) disguises or conceals the fact that it is a firearm.
15. A cannon or other weapon by whatever name known of a type which will expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant, and which has a barrel with a bore in excess of 10 gauge, not being a firearm of the Very or rocket type designed and intended for use for life saving or distress signalling purposes, an antique muzzle loading firearm, or a rifle or shotgun manufactured before 1920.
16. Any firearm which, or part of which, has a dimension less than the minimum dimension prescribed for the firearm or part by the regulations.
17. [Repealed]
18. Any device known as a "powerhead" that can be attached to the end of a spear gun and that is designed to propel a projectile by means of an explosive.

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