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Zambia. 1994 ‘Regulations.’ Firearms (Amendment) Act, Chapter 110, Firearms 13 of 1994; Section 58. Lusaka: Republic of Zambia. 1 January

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58. (1) The Minister may, by statutory instrument, make regulations generally for the carrying out of the provisions of this Act and for its efficient administration and in particular, but without derogating from the generality of the foregoing-

(a) prescribing anything which is to be prescribed under this Act;
(b) regulating the import and export of firearms and ammunition and the conditions and restrictions which may be specified in an import permit;
(c) regulating the import and sale of blank cartridges;
(d) prescribing the officers or classes of officers who shall be authorised officers for the purposes of the several provisions of this Act;
(e) prescribing the nature, frequency and form of reports and returns to be made and the persons to whom reports and returns are to be made;
(f) providing for the surrender and return of certificates of registration of firearms dealers and firearms dealers' licences upon the removal of or restoration to the register of the name of or a place of business of a firearms dealer;
(g) providing for the determination and payment of compensation where any firearm or ammunition is compulsorily taken possession of or acquired;
(h) regulating the deposit in and withdrawal from warehouses of firearms and ammunition and prescribing the fees, rent and other charges payable on and during such deposit;
(i) prescribing the fees to be paid for any licence, certificate, permit or other authorisation issued or granted under this Act or in respect of any act of registration or other official act performed thereunder;
(j) specifying the conditions under which a firearm or ammunition may be delivered to a carrier or conveyed within Zambia;
(k) regulating the establishment and conduct of shooting clubs and prescribing the fees payable in respect of the registration thereof;
(l) regulating the stamping, numbering and registration of firearms and ammunition and the proving of firearms;
(m) prescribing the manner in which fees, rents and charges payable under this Act may be recovered;
(n) prescribing the procedure to be followed in appeals; (o) declaring types of firearms to be specially dangerous; (p) providing for tests of competency….

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