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European Council. 1991 ‘Article 11.’ Council Directive of 18 June 1991 on Control of the Acquisition and Possession of Weapons (91/477/EEC) [current to 2008 amendments]; Chapter 3. Brussels: Council of the European Communities. 18 June

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Article 11

1. Firearms may, without prejudice to Article 12,1 be transferred from one Member State to another only in accordance with the procedure laid down in the following paragraphs. These provisions shall also apply to transfers of firearms following a mail order sale.

2. Where a firearm is to be transferred to another Member State, the person concerned shall, before it is taken there, supply the following particulars to the Member State in which such firearm is situated:
— the names and addresses of the person selling or disposing of the firearm and of the person purchasing or acquiring it or, where appropriate, of the owner,
— the address to which the firearm is to be consigned or transported,
— the number of firearms to be consigned or transported,
— the particulars enabling the firearm to be identified and also an indication that the firearm has undergone a check in accordance with the Convention of 1 July 1969 on the Reciprocal Recognition of Proofmarks on Small Arms,
— the means of transfer,
— the date of departure and the estimated date of arrival.

The information referred to in the last two indents need not be supplied where the transfer takes place between dealers.

The Member State shall examine the conditions under which the transfer is to be carried out, in particular with regard to security.

Where the Member State authorizes such transfer, it shall issue a licence
incorporating all the particulars referred to in the first subparagraph.

Such licence shall accompany the firearm until it reaches its destination; it shall be produced whenever so required by the authorities of the Member States.

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