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Ireland. 2008 ‘Restricted Firearms and Ammunition.’ Firearms Order 2008; Sections 3, 4, 5. Dublin: Office of the Attorney General. 1 January

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Section 3:
"assault rifles" means -- (a) rifles capable of functioning as semi-automatic firearms and as automatic firearms…

Section 4:
(1) Firearms other than those to which subparagraph (2) relates are declared to be restricted firearms for the purposes of the Act: (2) This subparagraph relates to the following firearms:
(a) single-shot or repeating short firearms capable of discharging only blank ammunition;
(b) shotguns manufactured, adapted or modified so as to render them incapable of containing more than 3 cartridges, but not to shotguns -- (i) with a detached, folding or telescopic stock, or (ii) with a pistol grip, or (iii) whose barrel is less than 60.9 centimetres (24 inches) in length;
(c) the following long firearms (not being assault rifles or bullpup rifles): (i) single-shot or repeating rifled centre-fire firearms of a calibre not exceeding 7.62 millimetres (.308 inch) and whose overall length is greater than 90 centimetres, (ii) single-shot, repeating or semi-automatic rim-fire firearms designed to fire rim-fire percussion ammunition and with a magazine having a capacity of not more than 10 rounds, (iii) air-operated rifled or smoothbore firearms;…
(e)1 the following short firearms designed for use in connection with competitions governed by International Olympic Committee regulations: (i) air-operated firearms of 4.5 millimetres (.177 inch) calibre, (ii) firearms using .22 inch rim-fire percussion ammunition.

Section 5:
The following ammunition is declared to be restricted ammunition for the purposes of the Act:
(a) ammunition with penetrating, explosive or incendiary projectiles and projectiles for such ammunition;
(b) slug ammunition for shotguns;
(c) accelerator or sabot ammunition;

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