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Uganda. 1970 ‘Refusal to Issue or Renew a Firearm Certificate Unless Firearm Produced.’ Firearms Act 1970, Chapter 299; Section 8. Kampala: Republic of Uganda. 1 December

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8. Refusal to issue or renew a firearm certificate unless firearm produced

Notwithstanding sections 1 to 7, a licensing officer shall not renew a firearm certificate unless the firearm to which the firearm certificate relates is produced to him or her for his or her inspection or for marking, if necessary, in accordance with the requirements of subsection (2) or for testing.

No firearm certificate shall be issued or, as the case may be, renewed, in respect of a firearm unless the firearm bears a mark or number of identification or is first marked with such a mark or number by, or under and in accordance with the directions of, the chief licensing officer.

A licensing officer may, before renewing a firearm certificate, satisfy himself or herself that the firearm to which the firearm certificate will, if renewed, relate is in such a condition as to be safe to use.

In case an import permit has been issued to an importer other than a licensed firearms dealer, the importer shall produce the firearm to the licensing officer of the place where he or she resides for inspection within fourteen days of the issue of the firearm certificate in respect of that firearm.

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