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New Zealand. 2008 ‘Dealers to be Licensed.’ Arms Act 1983 No. 44; Section 5 (Reprint 2008). Wellington: Parliamentary Counsel Office. 1 October

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Dealers to be Licensed

(1) No person shall—
(a) in the way of his business, sell any firearm, airgun, pistol, or restricted weapon; or
(b) manufacture for sale any firearm, airgun, pistol, or restricted weapon,—
unless he is the holder of a dealer's licence issued to him under this Act by a commissioned officer of Police.

(2) Every application for a dealer's licence shall be made on a form provided by a member of the Police.

(3) A dealer's licence shall be issued if the commissioned officer of Police to whom the application is made is satisfied that the applicant is a fit and proper person to carry on the business of a dealer in, or manufacturer for sale of, firearms, airguns, pistols, and restricted weapons.

(3A) Despite subsections (1) to (3), no dealer's licence is to be issued for the carrying on of business as a dealer in, or manufacturer for sale of, anti-personnel mines.

(4) Every person commits an offence against this Act and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000 who contravenes subsection (1).

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