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Pakistan. 1965 ‘Power to Make Rules as to Licences.’ Pakistan Arms Ordinance 1965 (W.P. Ord. XX of 1965); Section 11. Islamabad: Central Government of Pakistan. 8 June

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11. Power to Make Rules as to Licences

Government may, from time to time, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules to determine the officers by whom, the form in which, and the terms and conditions on and subject to which any licence shall be granted, or renewed, and may by such rules among other matters —
(a) fix the period for which such licences shall continue in force;
(b) fix a fee payable by stamp or otherwise in respect of any such licence;
(c) [repealed];
(d) direct that the holder of any such licence shall keep a record or account, in such form as Government may prescribe, of anything done under such licence, and exhibit such record or account when called upon to do so by an officer of Government authorized in this behalf;
(e) empower any officer of Government to enter and inspect any premises in which
arms, ammunition or military stores are kept by any person holding a licence of the description referred to in section 4;
(f) direct that any such person shall exhibit the entire stock of arms, ammunition and military stores in his possession or under his control to any officer of Government so empowered; and
(g) require the person holding any licence or acting under any licence to produce the same and to produce or account for the arms, ammunition or military stores covered by the same when called upon to do so by an officer of Government so empowered.

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