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Kenya. 1954 ‘Convicted Persons not to Possess Firearms or Ammunition.’ Firearms Act, Chapter 114; Section 36. Nairobi: Republic of Kenya. 1 January

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Convicted persons not to possess firearms or ammunition; forfeiture of firearms and ammunition; and cancellation of firearms certificate

36. (1) Where any person -

(a) is convicted of an offence under this Act or is convicted of an offence for which he is sentenced to imprisonment, or to detention of any description in an approved school or other place of detention; or

(b) has been ordered to be subject to police supervision, or to enter into recognizance to keep the peace or to be of good behaviour a condition of which is that the offender shall not possess, use or carry a firearm, or is subject to a probation order containing a requirement that he shall not possess, use or carry a firearm,

the following provisions shall apply -

(i) the court before whom that person is convicted or by whom the order is made may make such order as to forfeiture or disposal of any firearm or ammunition which was found in his possession or in respect of which the offence of which he is convicted was committed or which was used in the commission of the offence as the court thinks fit, and may cancel any firearm certificate or permit under subsection (12) or subsection (13) of section 7 held by the person convicted;

(ii) in the case of a person convicted, or convicted and sentenced, as mentioned in paragraph (a), the court before whom he is convicted may order that the person shall not, at any time during such period. not exceeding ten years from the date of his release, as may be specified in the order, have in his possession any firearm or ammunition or, as the case may be, any firearm or ammunition of a class or description specified in the order…..

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