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Nigeria. 1990 ‘Manufacture and Repair of Arms.’ Firearms Act, Chapter 146, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990; Part 6. Abuja: Federal Republic of Nigeria. 1 January

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Manufacture and Repair of Arms

23. Subject to the provisions of sections 24 to 26 of this Act, no person shall manufacture, assemble or repair any firearms or ammunition except at a public armoury or at arsenals established for the purposes of the armed forces with the consent of the President, acting in his discretion…

25. The Inspector-General may, with the consent of the Governor of the State, in his discretion grant a permit to any person to carry on the business of manufacture and repair of the firearms referred to in Part III of the Schedule to this Act, and shall maintain a register of such permits in force…

27. No person shall shorten the barrel of a smooth-bore firearm to a length of less than twenty inches from the muzzle to the point at which the charge is exploded on firing, and no person shall have in his possession or under his control any smooth-bore firearm which has been so shortened, or manufacture a smooth-bore firearm having such a barrel of less than twenty inches or have in his possession or under his control any firearms manufactured in contravention of this section.

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