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Nigeria. 1990 ‘Manufacture and Repair of Firearms.’ Firearms Regulations, Under Section 33 , Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990; Part 6. Abuja: Federal Republic of Nigeria. 1 January

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Manufacture and Repair of Firearms

39. The armoury in any place for the manufacture of firearms shall be constructed having a minimum storage capacity of twice the estimated maximum monthly output of firearms of the manufactory.

41. (1) No firearm shall be manufactured except muzzle loading firearms of smooth bore single barrel design.

(2) No materials except seamless steel tubing of not more than one half inch in diameter shall be used in the manufacture of the barrels of such firearms.

42. Every firearm shall be stamped by the manufacturer on the wooden stock or other suitable place with the manufacturer's name and number, or mark or distinguishing letter or letters and number.

43. Every firearms manufacturer shall keep up to date the following records-..(b) a register, or registers, in which shall be recorded-…
(ii) the day to day output of the manufactory,
(iii) the particulars stamped on each firearm manufactured,…
(c) a file of all dealings in firearms between the manufacturer and any other firearms manufacturer or registered firearms dealer;…
(e) a file of all permits authorising withdrawals from the armoury.

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