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Canada. 2014 ‘Valid Licences as of December 2013 - December 2008.’ Canadian Firearm Program: Facts and Figures Archives (October - December 2013 - October - December 2008). Ottawa: Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 17 March

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Valid Licences as of December 2013

Possession Licence: 589,150
Possession and Acquisition Licence: 1,362,018
Minor Licence: 9,212
Total: 1,960,380

Valid Licences as of December 2012

Possession Licence: 640,817
Possession and Acquisition Licence: 1,289,031
Minor Licence: 8,232
Total: 1,938,080

Valid Licences as of December 2011

Possession Licence: 677,162
Possession and Acquisition Licence: 1,217,562
Minor Licence: 8,091
Total: 1,902,815

Valid Licences as of December 2010

Possession Licence: 695,299
Possession and Acquisition Licence: 1,144,966
Minor Licence: 7,735
Total: 1,848,000

Valid Licences as of December 2009

Possession Licence: 777,478
Possession and Acquisition Licence: 1,058,902
Minor Licence: 7,533
Total: 1,843,913

Valid Licences as of December 2008

Possession Licence: 889,526
Possession and Acquisition Licence: 962,887
Minor Licence: 7,088
Total: 1,859,501

There are currently three types of firearms licences for individuals in Canada: the Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL), the Possession Only Licence (POL) and the Minor's Licence. Only the PAL and Minor's Licence are available for new applicants.

- Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL): allows the licence holder to possess and acquire firearms and ammunition.
- Possession Only Licence (POL): allows the licence holder to possess, but not acquire, firearms, and to both possess and acquire ammunition.
- Minor's Licence: the only licence available to individuals under 18 years of age. It allows the licence holder to use non-restricted firearms for specific activities such as hunting or target practice…

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