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Faltas, Sami, and Vera Chrobok. 2004 ‘Firearm Possession in Germany.’ Disposal of Surplus Small Arms: A survey of policies and practices in OSCE countries, p. 44. Bonn: Bonn International Center for Conversion, BASIC, Saferworld, and the Small Arms Survey. 1 January

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Firearm Possession in Germany

Although in Germany firearm possession is permitted for a variety of purposes, it is subject to strict regulations. A firearms licence normally applies solely to the applicants' home, and a legitimate need for the weapon must be proven. (22)

In 1972, Germany passed very restrictive firearm laws in response to growing concerns about terrorism. The principle of the 1972 legislation is that "the number of gun owners and the number and type of guns in private property must be limited to the lowest possible level in the interest of public safety". (23)

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