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Japan. 2001 ‘Firearms Control in Japan.’ National Police Agency, Firearms Division, p. 18. Tokyo: Firearms Division, Community Safety Bureau, National Police Agency. 1 January

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Regulation on Handguns, etc.

Possession of handguns etc. by the general public is forbidden by law due to their injurious and lethal nature. Accordingly, the penalties for handgun violations are quite severe as compared to other firearm violation penalties.

Possesion of firearms etc. is approved only for official duty, such as police, Imperial Guards, and Self Defence Forces. Special approval by the Prefectural Public Safety Commission is made only to athletes participating in shooting games. As of late 2000, the number of handguns approved for this purpose was 147. Handgun possession for self-defense is prohibited.

Manufacturing (including remodeling and repairing) of handguns etc. also requires licenses issued by the Minister of International Trade and Industry. As of late 2000, the number of approved factories was 35. As for handguns, only one manufacturer has been approved in Japan. Handgun sales are allowed only by this manufacturer. Handgun importation etc. is permitted only to persons with approval for handgun possession and their commissioned agents.

Possession, manufacture, import and transfer of ownership of major parts of handguns, such as frames, barrels, cylinders and slides, are also controlled. Only those approved to possess handguns as final products are permitted to partake in the aforementioned activities.

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