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Masters, Sarah. 2010 ‘RE: UK Firearms Act - Domestic Violence.’ Personal Email from Sarah Masters, Women's Network Coordinator IANSA. London: Unpublished Email. 26 January

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The UK Firearms Act has no specific provision for banning firearm licenses to those with a history of domestic violence although the Home Office argue that it has satisfactory safeguards…

The Home Office publication Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2007/08 published in January 2008 does not clearly make the link between firearms and domestic violence. For example, in 'Section 2.5: Types of crimes where firearms are used' domestic violence is not included as a specific category or type of criminal offence. We understand that it could be covered by 'violence against the person' or 'homicide' but it should be specifically included so as to highlight the phenomenon. Conversely, the section on 'intimate partner violence' should also contain information on the type of weapon used (where this is known).

Under the 1968 Act a firearms license must be refused to an applicant with 'intemperate habits' and the Home Office Firearms Law Guidance to the Police (2002) suggest this would include evidence of aggressive behaviour including domestic disputes (12.8a) and evidence of a pattern of disturbing behaviour suggesting possible future misuse of firearms (12.8c).

The law is less explicit for shotgun licences, but an applicant should not be a 'danger to the peace' and potential domestic violence offenders are exactly that: dangers to the peace….

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