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Finland. 1998 ‘Firearm Offence.’ Firearms Act (1/1998; amendments up to 804/2003 included); Chapter 9 (Section 101). Helsinki: Ministry of the Interior. 1 March

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Section 101: Firearms offence (601/2001)

A person who, in violation of this Act, deliberately
1) transfers or imports to Finland, transfers from Finland, exports, transports in transit or manufactures for commercial purposes, or trades in or acquires, possesses or hands over firearms, firearm components, cartridges or specially dangerous projectiles;
2) repairs or converts a firearm or firearm component, keeps a shooting range or gives training in the use of firearms for commercial purposes;
3) lends a firearm or firearm component to someone who has not the right to possess it;
4) neglects in full or in part the duty of a firearms dealer to keep a file under section 25(1);
5) neglects the duty under section 110(1) to have firearms or cartridges manufactured, repaired, transferred or imported to Finland for sale examined; or
6) neglects the duty under section 112a to present a firearm rendered permanently unfit for use or a permanently deactivated firearm component to the police department, shall be sentenced for a firearms offence to a fine or to imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

An attempt is punishable.

Possession of a firearm, firearm component, cartridges or specially dangerous projectiles as referred to in subsection 1(1) is not deemed a firearms offence if the person in possession of such an object informs the police of the object at his or her own initiative and surrenders it to the police. (804/2003)

[NB: Unofficial translation, legally binding only in Finnish and Swedish. Ministry of the Interior, Finland]

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