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Finland. 1998 ‘Specially Dangerous Firearm.’ Firearms Act (1/1998; amendments up to 804/2003 included); Chapter 1 (Sections 9 and 10). Helsinki: Minister of the Interior. 1 March

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Section 9: Specially dangerous firearm

Specially dangerous firearm means:
1) a grenade launcher, mortar, breech-loading cannon and a firearm of a corresponding structure and purpose of use, and a missile and rocket-launcher system;
2) an automatic firearm;
3) a firearm disguised as an object other than a firearm.

Section 10. Specially dangerous cartridges and projectiles

Specially dangerous cartridges mean:
1) cartridges designed and manufactured to penetrate armour;
2) cartridges equipped with an explosive or incendiary projectile;
3) centre-fire cartridges with a hollow point projectile or a projectile which expands on impact which have been designed and manufactured to be used with a pistol or revolver;
4) cartridges designed and manufactured to fragment on impact;
5) cartridges with a flechette projectile;
6) cartridges with more than one bullet.

Specially dangerous projectiles mean the projectiles of cartridges as referred to in subsection 1(1-3).

[NB: Unofficial translation, legally binding only in Finnish and Swedish
Ministry of the Interior, Finland]

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