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Lithuania. 2002 ‘Use of Arms and Ammunition - Self-Defence.’ Republic of Lithuania Law on the Control of Arms and Ammunition No. IX-705; Chapter Eight (Article 34). Vilnius: The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. 15 January

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Article 34. Use of Arms and Ammunition - Self-Defence

2. The use of an arm shall not be considered as violation of the human rights, if this happened without exceeding such use of force when it was a direct necessity. A person may use any arm in self-defence or in defence of another person, property, inviolability of one's home, other rights, interests of society or the state interests from an imminent or direct threat, regardless of whether he has the possibility of avoiding the attempt or calling for assistance from another person or authority, as well as seeking to eliminate a threat posed to him, other persons or their rights, interests of society or the state, if such a threat could not be eliminated with other means and the damage caused is less than that which he sought to avert.

3. Before using an arm, it is necessary to warn a person against whom the arm is to be used. This provision shall not apply when, due to the situation, it is not be possible to warn a person or when delay poses a direct threat to the user of a arm or to life and health of another person. The outcome of the use of an arm must not cause damage to the health of the third parties…

5. It shall be prohibited to use an arm in public gathering places if this may endanger innocent people, against women who are obviously pregnant, as well as against persons when they are visibly disabled or against minors if their age is known or their appearance corresponds to their age, except in cases when they resist in a manner dangerous to human life, or if a group of such persons attacks and this attack poses a threat to life.

6. The owner or user of an arm shall immediately inform a police institution or a prosecutor's office about each case of the use of an arm which resulted in the death of a person or material damage, or bodily injuries.

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