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Lithuania. 2002 ‘Manufacture of Arms, Their Major Parts and Ammunition.’ Republic of Lithuania Law on the Control of Arms and Ammunition No. IX-705; Chapter Six (Article 22). Vilnius: The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. 15 January

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Article 22. Manufacture of Arms, Their Major Parts and Ammunition

1. A licence to engage in manufacture of arms, their parts and ammunition shall be issued by the Weaponry Fund in a manner prescribed by the Government.

2. Arms in Category A, their ammunition may be manufactured only upon co-ordination with the Weaponry Fund.

3. All undertakings manufacturing arms must ensure the safety and control of production, and quality of products. A manufactured arm and ammunition must correspond to the parameters specified in technical documents.

4. A manufacturer of arms and ammunition must:
1) in a manner prescribed by legal acts, test manufactured arms or ammunition and ensure that they meet the requirements of normative documents;
2) mark ammunition with identifying marks of the manufacturer;
3) indicate the manufacturing country, name of the manufacturer, name of an arm, the year and number of the manufacture of an arm on the manufactured arms and their major parts;
5) ensure the necessary quality of the production;
6) not exceed the volume of production which has been indicated in the documents for the acquisition of a licence.

5. The manufacturer of arms and ammunition shall have the right to:
1) repair arms and ammunition manufactured by him;
2) design arms and ammunition, their parts for the manufacture of which he has obtained a licence, as well as test them;
3) acquire parts of arms and ammunition in the Republic of Lithuania and import them;
4) trade in manufactured arms, ammunition, their parts;
5) export arms, ammunition, their parts which he has manufactured;
6) bring in parts of arms, ammunition from the Member States of the European Union;
7) send arms, ammunition manufactured by him to the Member states of the European Union.

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