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Latvia. 2003 ‘Weapons, Special Means and Munitions Thereof Intended for Self-defence.’ Law on the Handling of Weapons; Chapter II (Section 6). Riga: The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia. 1 January

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Section 6. Weapons, Special Means and Munitions Thereof Intended for Self-defence

(1) It is permitted to acquire, keep, carry, realise, utilise and apply for self-defence in the Republic of Latvia the following weapons, special means and munitions thereof:
1) semi-automatic, non-automatic or single-shot short-barrelled category B firearms the calibre of which is not more than 9 millimetres and munitions thereof;
2) long-barrelled smooth-bore category B, C and D firearms and munitions thereof;
3) gas pistols (revolvers) and munitions thereof except the munitions referred to in Section 7, Paragraph four, Clause 7 of this Law;
4) gas sprays;
5) electric shock devices; and
6) self-defence sound devices of psychological effect intended for the frightening of dogs and other animals.

(2) The Cabinet shall determine the substances that are permitted to be utilised in the munitions of gas pistols (revolvers) and gas sprays intended for self-defence.

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