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Croatia. 1992 ‘Weapons and Ammunition Transportation.’ Weapons Law; Chapter VII (Articles 63, 64). Zagreb: Republic of Croatia Parliament, House of Representatives. 14 September

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Weapons and Ammunition Transportation

Article 63

The permit is required for weapons transportation.

The permit for weapons transportation in domestic trade shall be issued by the police administration from whose territory the transportation commences, and for the transportation across the state border, by the Ministry of the Interior.

No permit is required for the transportation of smaller quantities of weapon for own purposes.

Article 64

The application to be issued a permit for weapons transportation shall include:

1) name and address of the sender;
2) name and address of the recipient;
3) name and address of the weapons manufacturer:
4) type, make, manufacturing number, calibre, quantity, and method of packing the weapons;
5) indication of the type and registration number of the means of transportation:
6) date and approximate hour of commencement of transportation, direction of movement and the destination;
7) name of the entry and exit border crossing and the time of weapon transportation across the border crossing;
8) safety measures in the course of weapon transportation.

The body in charge of issuing licenses for transportation of weapon may, as required, order that specific safety measures be undertaken in the course of weapon transportation (direction of movement, escorting the sender or the forwarder, police escort, etc).

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