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Croatia. 1992 ‘Article 17.’ Weapons Law; Chapter II (Article 17). Zagreb: Republic of Croatia Parliament, House of Representatives. 14 September

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Article 17

The competent authority shall issue the permit to acquire weapons to a citizen if he meets the following requirements:

1) That he is 18 or older;

2) that he has not been convicted of a criminal offence against the Republic of Croatia, for a criminal offence against the life or body or against the property, as well as for other criminal offences with elements of violence, self-interest, or malicious intent or if the proceedings have been initiated for such criminal offence;

3) that he has not been convicted of a minor offence, i.e. that no proceedings indicating that the arms might have been abused have been initiated:

4) that there are no other circumstances indicating that the weapon may be abused, and especially: frequent and excessive consummation of alcohol, seriously disturbed family relationships, neighbourly relationships or relationships at workplace, disciplinary infringement of regulations on hunting or target shooting, etc;

5) that he has a justifiable reason to acquire weapons;

6) that the medical examination has shown that his health is such to make him capable of holding or holding and carrying a weapon;

7) that he is equipped with technical knowledge for the adequate use of the weapon and that he is familiar with the regulations related to holding and carrying a weapon.

Following the receipt of the application for issuing the permit to acquire weapons, the competent authority shall verify whether the requirements referred to in paragraph 1, items 1) through 5) of this Article have been met.

The competent authority shall require from the applicant meeting the requirements referred to in paragraph 1, items 1) through 5) of this Article to submit evidence on meeting the requirements referred to in paragraph 1, items 6) and 7) of this Article within the time period of 60 days.

The meeting of the requirement referred to in item 7), paragraph 1 of this Article shall be subject to proof only in the case of applying for the permit to acquire hunting weapons, sporting weapons, and short firearms, solely in the event referred to in Article 14, paragraph 4 hereof.

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