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Croatia. 1992 ‘Article 11.’ Weapons Law; Chapter I (Article 11). Zagreb: Republic of Croatia Parliament, House of Representatives. 14 September

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Article 11

It is forbidden to acquire, hold, carry, manufacture, repair and modify, trade and transport, unless otherwise provided by this Law:

1) all types of automatic arms, semiautomatic arms and repeating long-barrelled firearms with a rifled barrel and magazine whose capacity is more than five rounds or with a fixed bayonet, i.e. with a possibility of mounting a bayonet of the arms with the inbuilt integral silencer, silencer intended for arms, long-barrelled arms without a fixed grip, with a folding grip or with a grip shorter than 25 cm, arms that propel projectiles by means of explosive or gas substances, and other arms intended exclusively for military or police purposes (hereinafter: "military and police arms");

2) explosives;

3) cold weapons;

4) ammunition mainly intended for the penetration of armour, ammunition with explosive and incendiary projectiles, ammunition with the projectiles charged with substances dangerous to human health, and other ammunition intended exclusively for military and police purposes:

5) devices that use instantaneous high-voltage electricity shock that are intended for temporary incapacitation of humans and weapons concealed in the items for common use that are, by their appearance, unrecognizable as weapons;

6) devices intended for marking the target, and active and passive night sights, if intended for the arms, and parts of such devices.

The Minister of the Interior shall specify the weapons and ammunition intended solely for police purposes, and the Minister of Defence shall specify the weapons and ammunition intended solely for military purposes.

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