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Bulgaria. 2000 ‘Article 16.’ Law on the Control of Explosives, Firearms and Ammunitions; Chapter 2 (Article 16). Sofia: National Assembly of Bulgaria. 17 October

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Article 16

Permits for the acquisition, storage, carrying and use of explosives, firearms and ammunitions shall not be issued, while issued permits shall be revoked from natural persons, including sole traders, falling into the categories listed below:

1. In the cases referred to in Article 12;

[Article 12 - 1. (As supplemented in the "State Gazette", No. 85 of 2000) Those who have been sentenced for intentionally committed common crimes, or against whom preliminary inquests or police investigations have been initiated in respect of an intentionally committed common crime;

2. (As amended in the "State Gazette", No. 85 of 2000) Who have concealed from the tax administration income, profits, property or transactions thereupon, such an infringement having been established by an enacted tax investigation warrant or by a valid punitive injunction, provided that one year has not elapsed from their respective entry into force;

3. Who suffer from a mental disease;

4. Who use systematically alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances;

5. Who violate public order systematically or drastically;

6. Who endanger national security with their actions.]

2. Persons who have not come of full legal age.

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