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Belize. 2000 ‘Importation of Firearms.’ Firearms Act, Chapter 143, Revised Edition 2000; Section 12. Belmopan: Law Revision Commissioner. 31 December

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12. Importation of firearms

No firearms or ammunition imported into Belize shall be delivered to any person unless and until such person satisfies the Comptroller of Customs that he is licensed under this Act.

13. Firearms brought into Belize from neighbouring state,how dealt with.

(1) Every person entering Belize with firearms or ammunition in his possession shall forthwith deposit them with the officer or constable in charge of a police station.

(2) The firearms or ammunition so deposited shall remain in the custody of the police officer in charge of the police station until the person depositing them either produces to such police officer a licence under this Act or satisfies such police officer that he is about to depart forthwith from Belize, whereupon the firearms or ammunition shall be returned to him.

(3) Every person-
(a) who fails to deposit his firearms or ammunition at a police station at the first available opportunity under this section; or
(b) to whom firearms or ammunition are returned on the ground that he is about to depart forthwith from Belize who shall not at once depart there from by the customary route, shall be guilty of an offence.

(4) All firearms and ammunition so deposited shall be stored at the police station where they were deposited at the risk of the owner and if not claimed by and returned to the owner within one month from the day when they were so deposited shall be destroyed or disposed of in a manner as the Minister may direct.

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