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UNGA. 1997 ‘Report of the Panel of Governmental Experts on Small Arms.’ General and Complete Disarmament: Small Arms; Note by the Secretary-General: A/52/298 (III), p. 11. New York, NY: United Nations General Assembly. 27 August

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Definition of Small Arms

Broadly speaking, small arms are those weapons designed for personal use, and light weapons are those designed for use by several persons serving as a crew.

26. Based on this broad definition and on an assessment of weapons actually used in conflicts being dealt with by the United Nations, the weapons addressed in the present report are categorized as follows:

(a) Small arms:

(i) Revolvers and self-loading pistols;
(ii) Rifles and carbines;
(iii) Sub-machine-guns;
(iv) Assault rifles;
(v) Light machine-guns;

[Editor's note: Categories i-v are all firearms, and all firearms are commonly known as guns]

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