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India. 2010 ‘Steps to Combat and Eradicate the Menace.’ National Report of India on its Implementation of the International Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace, In a Timely and Reliable Manner, Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons (and the UNPoA); Chapter 2, pp. 7-8. New York, NY: Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations. 31 January

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Steps to combat and eradicate the menace

The Government of India has initiated various measures/steps to check inflow/proliferation of illicit weapons in the country… Following are some of the important steps/ measures taken in this regard:

(a) Fencing on the Line of Control along the international border in Jammu & Kashmir with ground sensors and flood lights, deployment of Security Forces along the border, etc. to check inflow of arms from across the border.
(b) Premises licensed to manufacture arms are frequently checked with regard to utilization of raw materials, installed capacity of the machinery, power consumption etc. to assess whether the firm is engaging itself in unauthorized manufacture and sale.
(c) Setting up of appropriate machinery to collect intelligence with regard to illicit manufacture and trafficking in arms and ammunition.
(d) Frequent surprise checks of licensed dealers by law enforcement agencies are ensured.
(e) Setting up of specialized investigating units for the areas where crime with the use of firearms is rampant.
(f) Entrusting particularly those of organized rackets with interstate ramifications to the Central Bureau of Investigation for investigation and associating Central Bureau of Investigation in interrogation of persons arrested in connection with important cases or organized crimes.
(g) Investigation of theft/loss of arms and ammunition from police, paramilitary forces and also licensees are vigorously followed up to locate the offenders, besides making a study with regard to causes of negligence which resulted in thefts/loss in order to take preventive measures.
(h) All country made firearms whose origin cannot be traced even after diligent efforts are referred to the State Scientific Section/Forensic Science Laboratory where a ballistic expert examines them and classify them according to the method of a manufacture, the type of trigger mechanism used, barrel design etc.
(i) When it appears from the examination in the Scientific Section/Forensic Science Laboratory that a large number of firearms have originated from the same source, all the concerned cases are referred for investigation to a Special Cell, which is established in the State CID to trace these major sources of illicit firearms.

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